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Tune UpAuto vehicles are complex machines, they are made up of thousands of components that can all wear & lose performance over time.

A regular tune up is the best way to prevent against breakdown & expensive vehicle repairs. With a tune-up from C&G Gulf, you can keep your vehicle running at its peak performance far longer.

A regular tune up makes your engine more efficient, saves money and prevents costly repairs.

Our tune up service repairs and replaces common worn parts; these include: Spark plugs, wires, filters and other areas that affect performance, or safety.

Our tune up service repairs and replaces common worn parts including spark plugs, wires, filters & other areas that can affect performance.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Tune Up

  • Poor fuel efficiency – Low gas mileage is a common sign that your vehicle needs a tune up.
  • Occasional or frequent stalling – Is your vehicle stalling while running? This could indicate faulty spark plugs or connectors, which can be easily picked up in a general tune up service.
  • Loss of power/acceleration – This can be a big problem in a sticky situation.  If your vehicle seems to be losing power or finding it hard to accelerate, schedule a tune up asap.
  • Difficult to start – Is your vehicle finding it increasingly difficult to start?

We fully inspect & diagnose your vehicle, understanding why your vehicle is losing performance  & what can be done to re-gain it!

Most manufacturers recommend a complete tune-up every 30,000 miles.

Your Local Tune Up Service

Does your vehicle need an inspection & tune-up? Speak to C&G Gulf in Milford & schedule your complete tune up service today:  (203) 874-2893

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