Engine Repair

C&G Gulf are your trusted engine repair specialists, our ASE Certified Technicians have years of experience repairing a whole host of engine problems. For over 38 years, C&G Gulf have been providing quality auto repair services, so you know you can rely on us to give a honest, courteous and comprehensive service.


Signs You Need an Engine Repair

Does your vehicle have any of the following problems? If so it might be time to schedule an engine repair..

  • Engine RepairCheck Engine Light is on – If your check engine light, or any other indicators come on, don’t ignore them! Get your engine checked by a reputable
    mechanic to prevent further damage or problems.
  • Unusual Smells – Strange smells are a sign you need you may need an engine repair, it can be a simple fix or something more complicated, but should not be ignored!
  • Stalling or Jerking – If your vehicle is unexpectedly stalling or giving you anything other than a smooth ride, you may have a problem with your engine.
  • Excessive Exhaust Smoke – Excessive smoke can mean a number of different engine problems.  If you have increased smoke coming from your exhaust pipe, it usually means you need an engine repair.
  • Loss of Engine Power – Have you noticed a decrease in engine power when accelerating or driving up hill?  Speed can get us out of sticky situations, so it’s important to get your engine checked out if you notice a loss of power.

Don’t leave it too late! If you notice any of these problems with your engine, get it looked at as soon as possible.  Getting your engine repaired sooner can prevent further damage & save you a lot of money!


Your Engine Repair Specialists in Milford

Has your vehicle got an engine problem? Drop by our auto repair center in Milford, CT.  We have over 35 years experience providing engine repair & a range of other vehicle repairs.  Our experienced ASE certified technicians will fully diagnose & repair your engine back to full working condition!

Call us for a hassle-free, reliable brake repair service.

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