Cooling System

Complete Service for Your Cooling System

Oil ChangeThe cooling system is essential to keep your engine from overheating & causing serious damage or a breakdown.

If your engine overheats you could be looking at serious damage and a very expensive repair, so it pays to maintain your cooling system.

As a general rule the cooling system should be checked once per year.



Signs You need a Cooling System Service

What are the signs that your oil needs replacing? Does your car have any of these problems?

  • Temperature guage – If your temperature guage reads high it’s a good idea to pull over and let your engine cool.  Get your local garage to check your engine.
  • Low coolant levels- Low levels of coolant without external leaking may indicate a coolant leak within your engine.

Is it time for your cooling system service? Bring your car to C&G Gulf for an honest, affordable service. – Where to find us

Call us for a hassle-free, cooling system service

We Check All Essential Fluids

  • Coolant Volume Checked
  • Radiator Cap Checked
  • Engine Belts Checked
  • Radiator Hoses Checked
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