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Cooling System Repair in Milford

Cooling System RepairThe importance of a fully operational cooling system cannot be underestimated.

Lack of coolant or an ineffective cooling system can lead to one of the most common breakdowns: overheating.

Without an effective cooling system overheating can lead to serious engine and transmission damage, costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs.

Like anything else in your vehicle, the cooling system needs maintaining to work at its best.

Over time coolant loses its performance, which is why it needs regularly replacing. The coolant system can also be effected by dirt deposits, grease, oil and scale build up.

Signs You Need a Repair

  • Your temperature gauge shows higher than normal (or lower).
  • Your temperature light comes on.
  • Your coolant light comes on.
  • Your vehicle has overheated recently.

Never neglect your coolant & cooling system.  Check in your manufacturers handbook for the recommended intervals for changing your coolant.

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