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Air Conditioning Repair in CT

Air Conditioning RepairAir conditioning repair is something we don’t often think about.

If you have ever been stuck in a car on a hot day, you’ll appreciate the having fully working air conditioning.

It’s a luxury that take for granted, until it’s not there!  Equally our vehicle’s heating is something that we can’t wait to kick in on a freezing winter morning.  Over time heating and A/C systems can require maintenance like any other area of your car.

When your air conditioning or heating stops working, you can rely on the experienced technicians at C&G Gulf to solve the problem.


Common Signs You Need air Conditioning Repair

What are the signs that you have a problem with your air conditioning?

  • Not as effective – Is your air conditioning less effective than usual? No longer blowing cool air, or not as cool as it usually is?
  • Strange smell – Is your air conditioning producing a strange smell?
  • Making noises – Unusual noise coming from your air conditioning can be caused by a number of reasons,

If you notice any of the above problems, bring your car to C&G Gulf, we are located in Milford, CT – Where to find us

Call us for a hassle-free, air conditioning or heating repair

Our Heating and A/C Service Includes

  • Internal controls and blower examination
  • Inspection of compressor belt
  • Pressure test for your cooling system
  • Testing the interior vent air temperature
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