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Oil Change

If you want to keep your car well maintained, a relatively low cost solution is a regular oil change.  Most mechanics recommend an oil chance every 3,000 miles, a figure that is widely accepted as the average for most vehicles, helping to keep your vehicle in top working condition.  However many manufacturers actually recommend more regular changes.

Why should you schedule regular oil changes?  What are the benefits?

5 Benefits of Regular Oil Changes Helps to Prevent Condensation

When your engine is idle and cool, the water in your engine can collect as moisture, which can contaminate your oil and reduce its effectiveness.  If you make short trips it is recommended that you change your oil more regularly.

Helps to Prevent a Build up of Sludge

On a daily basis our cars are subject to dust and debris that can get into your engine and contaminate your oil.  Over time these containments build up creating a sludge that [...]

The Cost of Not Maintaining Your Vehicle

Every vehicle owner knows that maintenance is important, but it’s something that many of us put off, usually in an attempt to save money.

You might wait to schedule a service for when you really need it, but the cost of not maintaining your vehicle can often be more.  By delaying or completely avoiding maintenance, you’re often allowing the problem to become even bigger.  What would have been a simple fix or replacement could become something  a lot more serious, such as a whole engine repair or replacement.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some common vehicle maintenance services, their typical costs and the potential cost for avoiding it!

The Cost of Not Maintaining Your Vehicle Oil Changes

Oil changes are essential to keep your engine clear and working smoothly.  It is recommended that you change your oil every 7,500 miles or quarterly.  If you don’t keep your engine clean with a [...]

For many of us, our vehicles are one of our biggest investments.  When it comes to maintaining your vehicle you want to pay a fair price and know your best interests are looked after.

These are all common expectations that we would all want and expect, but how do you find such a garage?  What should you look for in an auto repair shop? How do you know you’re dealing with a trusted mechanic?


Finding for an Auto Repair Shop in CT

Here’s what you should look for when looking for an auto repair shop in CT.


Do they have Certifications?

ase certified, logoDoes the repair shop have any certifications?  A sign of a good auto repair shop is accreditations such as the ASE.  These are voluntary organizations repair shops can register with to maintain a minimum [...]

Spring Vehicle Maintenance

The temperature is on the way up and spring will soon be with us.  For vehicle owners, spring represents a good time to schedule routine maintenance.

After the harshness of winter weather it is a good idea to perform some routine maintenance and checks to keep your vehicle working at its best.

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, there’s a lot to think about.  So what should you look out for?


Spring Vehicle Maintenance – What checks do I need to make?


Check your battery

It is a good idea to test your battery and charging system.  Winter weather can be harsh on vehicle batteries, affecting performance and capacity.  If you are going to bring your vehicle into an auto repair shop, ask them to perform a check on your battery.

Check Your Headlights

In the dull winter weather, we rely on our headlights a lot more. Are all of your headlights coming [...]

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